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You can rely on Hadfield Education..

You can rely on Lee at Hadfield Education to do his best for both candidate and school. If he says that he will do something.. he will do his very best to make it happen. In my case after a difficult start to my NQT year he worked tirelessly to find a position for me to complete my induction period. Hadfield Education efforts guaranteed my continuation in the teaching profession. Thank you Lee..

The BEST option for you..

Hadfield Education in my opinion is an excellent teaching agency that is helpful, understanding and well organised. Not only do they look for the best option for you but they remain in constant contact throughout and always at the end of the phone if needs be. An extremely efficient and impressive service is delivered from start to finish and I would recommend Hadfield Education to everyone.

Professional and courteous...

I would just like to take this opportunity to say how impressed I am with Hadfield Education. I have found this agency to be extremely professional and courteous to its employees. As a result of registering, I have worked in a number of schools, on a daily and weekly basis, in the City and Nottinghamshire. I highly recommend this agency to anyone who wants to work in the teaching profession.


Our approach to teacher recruitment is unique...

So here’s the problem...

  • Your school lacks quality teachers, Heads of Department or Senior Leadership.
  • Holding on to your talented teaching staff is becoming increasingly difficult.
  • You cannot cope with achieving year on year GCSE and A-Level growth because you are under resourced.
  • Hiring and advertising costs are ever increasing with NO guarantee of suitable applications
  • You struggle to find and attract top Teachers in the East MIdlands
  • You are falling behind with core subject attainment due to one or all of the issues above

If any of the above relates to you then do not worry – You are not alone.

Our research and expertise has proven those are the top 5 hiring and recruitment challenges in the Teaching Education sector across the East Midlands. We understand these challenges are a hindrance and it is causing headaches for Head Teachers and Heads of Department.

Imagine if you could solve those problems. What would that mean to you personally? What would that mean to your school, your department and your students?

  • What if you had a system implemented into the core of your school that consistently enabled you to attract, convert and deliver the type of quality teachers you really want?
  • What if your school was full of passionate, highly skilled teachers that exceeded expectations on every term, achieving record results for you.
  • What if hiring costs were irrelevant because of the value that your new teachers brought in, at a realistic salary, giving you an incredible ROI?
  • You can achieve this kind of success, at Hadfield Education our mantra is simply ‘Great TEACHERS are our BUSINESS’. Our promise is we make it happen for you every time!

    We are the people that created 'The 7 Step East Midlands Teacher Hiring System’